Nag, nag, nag!

Jul 10th '13 19:37 PM
Something wont leave me alone. Its telling me to eat but its weigh in tomorrow, and ive got strawberries planned for supper, but this thing is telling me to EAT BAD!!

14hrs and weigh in will be over
Jul 10th '13 20:17 PM
Dip your strawberries in balsamic vinegar, it'll make eating last longer and whilst it sounds vile, it's actually really nice!
Jul 10th '13 20:29 PM
ive just eaten them before i saw this....

What a weird did you come by that?!!
Jul 10th '13 21:00 PM
I've heard about strawbs and balsamic vinegar!
Jul 10th '13 21:20 PM
I think it was my cousin that suggested it! I didn't try it for ages cos I thought it would be minging, but it's well nice!
Jul 11th '13 11:42 AM
Good luck for your weigh in!
Jul 11th '13 17:20 PM
Ew wow really @ that combo haha
Jul 11th '13 20:26 PM
I made it to weigh in, but weigh in didnt wanna be kind to me. +0.5 ...but im gonna be extra good this week!!
Jul 11th '13 20:45 PM
That's not too bad hun! I don't even count parts of lbs as it could just be that you need a poop or something
Jul 11th '13 21:05 PM
lol i blame the biscuits i had for breakkie - i gave in just before weigh in lmao! I knew i was already a lost cause!
But from tomorrow im gonna be extra strict. Cant be yo-yo'ing at this stage when ive still got a lot of lose. Determined to be extra good this week