Fruit and veg advice

Apr 11th '15 20:34 PM
I want to try and get fruit and veg into my diet but don't know how to do it.

the main problems are;

I don't know how to prepare vegetables
fresh fruit and veg goes off quickly so I've only got a few days to eat it (this is heightened by the fact that I live alone so I'm the only one eating it, and I don't know about how much I need)

last week i ended going shopping (food shopping) 4 times (I usually go twice a week) and now I've got a load of fruit and veg that's going to go straight in the bin because it's gone off.

I also only have basic cooking skills: I'm no where near an expert but I've got just enough skill to cook for myself

so with vegetables I need advice on preparation and amounts for one person (I tend to have two things on my plate) simple recipes that might help me make it more interesting, plus advice on what are the best ones to buy

with fruit there's not so much of a problem just some smoothie ideas (I have a liquidiser for soups and smoothies) and maybe some other recipes for desserts (that are healthy)
Apr 11th '15 21:36 PM
Get the steam veg that comes in individual packs from the frozen aisle in the super market. Can also get frozen fruit. Measuring out 100g is a good idea per serving. I blend some frozen fruit with natural yoghurt and it's like a sorbet x
Apr 13th '15 16:01 PM
with fresh veg I blanche it for 2-3 minutes ( dunk in boiling water and par boil ) then throw into iced water and freeze in portion sized bags, this lasts you much longer and when re using i just check the veg complete with freezer bag into hot water to cook.

I find a good fist sized portion will do
Also buy things like butternut squash, they last for ages just hanging around your cupboard. Sweet potatoes last forever too!

a great simple meal for veg only is stuffed corguettes, i love this and its really filling. Here is a reciepe i use:

boil whole courgettes for 15 mins ish, then slice down the middle and scoop out the guts to make a boat ( mind your fingers tis hot! )
for the filling i finely chop the courgette innards, red onion, add sweetcorn, butternut squash - fry this off in that squirty spray oil thing for about 10 mins on low to soften, add your spices as you please - garlic, pepper, whatever you like.
Crack 2 eggs and throw the yolks ( so tasty but NO ) so you just have the whites
chuck the egg white in with all your chopped up bits, and add to your little courgette canoes
oven bake at 180 for half an hour BOOM this will fill you up a treat and also its fab cold for lunch the next day

same can be achieved with aubergines :-)
Apr 13th '15 21:46 PM
That sounds nommy netty!
Apr 13th '15 21:51 PM
Its a great little recipe. If your feeling cheeky grate some cheese on top!
Apr 13th '15 21:52 PM

Apr 13th '15 21:52 PM
But yum
Apr 13th '15 21:57 PM
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Apr 13th '15 21:59 PM
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Apr 13th '15 22:01 PM
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