Veggie in need of help!

Mar 1st '15 22:21 PM
I'm a veggie, which is good for weight loss anyway, but I was wondering if anyone had any great veggie recipes for low fat meals? Always looking for different things to try ❤️
Mar 2nd '15 10:33 AM
Hi AshBash94, I used to be veggie for a while back when I was thin Anyway my favorites are :

please forgive laziness of me using links but these are very similar to what I love and save typing

The Veggie burger : Staple of many a veggie diet . There is a quest to find the ultimate recipie. This one is good :

The Indian Influence :
Sweet Potato curry and Saag Aloo ,my favorite side dish by which all takeaways shall be judged

I did a good one with cauliflower and okra. Adding in tin of aduki beans for protein instead of lentils. But base is all the same.

Wow is a hell of a link and hopefully will work. Love the simple mix of spinach and potatos against the hot curry sauce. Simple yet hits the spot.

I have tried a few mixed bean chillies etc but am still waiting to try one that blows me away. Hopefully there will be some awesome ones posted
Mar 2nd '15 14:05 PM
This was amazing! Thank you so much! Defo gunna try some of these
Mar 2nd '15 15:14 PM
A lunch idea or as dinner served with a large salad a feta cheese and tomato omelette is lovely.

I was stir-fry happy last week and of course you can have them meat free and find lot's of sauce online?

A sweet potato curry sounds nice, I am going to have a look later for some recipes!

Belle xx
Mar 2nd '15 16:46 PM
Sweet potato curry does sound nice, I did a sweet potato chilli:
Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Chilli Recipe

This is one of my favs with sweet potoato:
Spicy sweet potatoes and egg recipe

Another fav of mine which you could make without the chicken:
Mexican chicken rice

Without bacon (which I often do) and less for a lunch idea:
Sweet potato and poached egg meal combos

Breakfast, lunch or dinner with salad option:
Sweet potato and spinach frittata with roasted tomatoes

Can you tell I was going through a phase of trying new recipes I moved but I am back to trying different recipes again adapting some to be clean or cleaner!
Mar 3rd '15 23:19 PM
This all is amazing thank you so much guys made a sweet potato curry last night and was lovely
Mar 3rd '15 23:52 PM
I have to said I love the veggies books from Ottolenghi " Plenty " and " Plenty More "

so they not diet book but give you some great idea in it !! he have a watermelon with feta salad that is delicious and Lentils salad as well should check it out

I actually pretty much own all his books
Mar 4th '15 20:33 PM
Awesome thank I'll make sure to have a look