What to drink

Feb 18th '15 20:59 PM
Sorry I wasn't sure where to put this.

I have a bit of a dilemma regarding what to drink there's seems to be problems with virtually everything:

Fizzy drinks - obviously full of sugar and they generally say that diet ones are worse because the artifcial sweetners increase blood glucose levels

fruit juice - this is what I drink at the moment, but I drink an awful lot of it, I originally heard that you just dilute it with water so I did 50/50 (with mineral water) but have been told recently that a litre bottle should be enough for a week because of the sugar (1 litre bottle a day sometimes more)

water - I tried drinking just plain water but it's tasteless, I need something with flavour

cordial - I'm not a 100% sure but I think I might be allergic to sulphites (which are in most cordials)

alcohol - very calorific so no good

hot drinks - I don't drink them because they burn my mouth

flavoured mineral water - I used to drink this a lot but I ended up feeling a very dry mouth because of it but I'm not sure???

I do tend to feel thirsty all the time and I worry about why and how to prevent this in the first place but I also need to know what I can drink given these circustances.

also caffiene affects me in strange ways if your going to suggest ice tea
Feb 19th '15 19:13 PM
Water should play a big part of your health. You could try herbal teas ... Just don't sup them until cool enough and they won't burn your mouth?

Fruit infused water. Lemon, lime, kiwis, strawberries, blackberries and many more. You can even buy fruit infused bottles... I seen some on Groupon today even but lots of places sell them.

Feb 23rd '15 21:50 PM
I drink black coffee 🍵
4 glasses of plain water
2 glasses of flavored water 🍶
Feb 26th '15 11:07 AM
A nice big jug of iced water cut slices of either lemon, orange or lime in it to add some natural flavour. X
Feb 26th '15 11:47 AM
Lot's of benefits to lemon and lime water too don't forget including it being a cleansing, vitamins, good for you skin and more!

A friend of mine at boot camp adds lemon and lime to hot water day before boot camp and fridges it to take with her, I've tried it, it's nice
Feb 27th '15 11:47 AM
Sorry for this but am at work enjoying a rare quiet period My best weight loss drink is Tequila. After several, ok.. many, shots I get the impulsive urge to dance. Which as a 27+ stone guy counts as a few hours of high intensity workout My huge kebab counts as 2 of my 5 a day plus a mass of protein to help my muscles repair. The chilli sauce boosts my metabolism and the walk home or to whatever gutter I end up in counts as a second workout. The day after I awake with even the smell of food knocking me sick. This I count as a fast. A day of rest and cleansing. When I am back to normal the day after I have usually dropped a few lbs, had a good days rest and lost my pants
In serious response to your question I find nettle tea great. it is supposed to calm the nerves and I find it helps stop hunger pangs and settle my gut. Given enough nettle tea I can not eat without being too bothered.