Cheat Day?

Jan 19th '15 10:37 AM
Does everyone have a cheat day? I think that it is necessary to have one every week. What is your opinion on this? Is it a good or a bad idea?
Jan 19th '15 10:59 AM
I think it's good but I feel that I might lose control if I start lol x
Jan 19th '15 13:52 PM
I don't, but then if I'm seriously craving something I will often have it, depending if I can shift the urge of wanting it or not.
I don't want the "diet" to become a chore, so if I really wanted a biscuit I'd have one!!!
Jan 19th '15 15:50 PM
I don't have a cheat day as such, but we do have a big pizza once a week. If I ban everything then I just give in and eat it all eventually!

Jan 19th '15 16:01 PM
I do give into any offers of alcohol on the weekends, is that bad I try to eat good but Sundays are a day I won't be concerned about the lovely roast dinner and the pudding that always follows. MY partners parents make a Sunday dinner you just could not refuse

Belle xx
Jan 20th '15 15:02 PM
That's exactly what I meant. On Sundays, I find it really hard to stick to my diet, so I thought making it a cheat day would be a good idea. That way, I won't feel guilty about it.
Jan 20th '15 16:14 PM
If there is a birthday or I'm going out I'm going to enjoy myself. I do relax over the weekend, I will try to pick things I enjoy and wouldn't have in the week like a tub of soured cream with some hot chilli and finish the night on a couple of vodkas or whatever but without going OTT... make takeway style foods instead of ordering etc I think it's easy to say treat day and over indulge but generally I think a day off is a good thing.
Feb 6th '15 17:02 PM
I have done but tbh then goes on for 2 or 3 days king to have to stop💟
Feb 9th '15 10:49 AM
Staying to that one day off isn't an easy battle to start with but it does get easier as your change in eating habits becomes the norm... I got to a point where too much bad choice even on a day off made me feel awful and sometimes depending what I have IBS kicks in so no thanks to that!