Artificial sweeteners

Jan 16th '15 19:15 PM
I add sugar to a lot of my diet and I know that has to stop. There are a lot of artificial sweeteners out there, though, so I thought I would try one. Which one tastes the most like real sugar to you guys?
Jan 16th '15 23:02 PM
I used splenda as i tried stevia but i think it taste kind of weird me no artificial ones really TASTE like sugar lol but splenda is the one i use in my coffee
Jan 17th '15 13:33 PM
Silver Spoon Sweetness & Light. I love it Not so-much for cereal but for cooking and coffee it tastes great
Jan 18th '15 12:43 PM
Not great news but if you just stop using sugar in things, you get used to it and it becomes normal.

Artificial sweeteners aren't a good thing:
Jan 19th '15 10:43 AM
I use Splenda as well. I tried other ones but Splenda is the only one that tastes like "normal" sugar. I also use it in my cakes and pastries.
Jan 19th '15 16:07 PM
I have splenda in the cupboard but I cannot get use to it. I have 1 sugar in tea about 5 times a day so didn't think it was too bad?

Belle xx
Jan 19th '15 18:02 PM
I too like Silver Spoon Sweetness & Light, everything else adds a more bitter taste... I tried 2 in my coffee today, it was rank so I am trying 1 sugar 1 sweetener. Many don't agree with it over the aspartame, I've never got into it but if I lived life avoiding everything that is bad for me I would be shut away in an empty cave and never see the world.

There is natural sugars of course ... I have them in and don't give them ago I just think *CALORIES* ... bad ... maple, honey and agave are meant to be good, I actually only bought agave last week. I might try it next time I want 2 sugars I guess natural is better if you're going to add the numbers!