Feeling disheartened!

Jan 13th '15 17:28 PM
So I undone so much hard work on dieting and keeping fit I could slap myself. Last week I did 5 days working out and ate well and Friday no move on the scales.

I know if someone said it to me I'd be saying exercise seems to have this effect give it time and don't forget a) take measurements b) drink plenty of water but when it's you ....

Just #meh
Jan 13th '15 19:20 PM
I am sorry you feel that way. I am not sure why you have not lost any weight. What kind of diet were you on? If it's a good one, stick with it; I am sure you will see results soon enough.
Jan 13th '15 21:35 PM
So sorry that you stayed the same weight. I totally understand the feelinh of being disheartened after you have had such a good week.
I think that the body can work in strange ways though. I remember feeling so frustrated when I did everything right and didn't lose anything, but then a few weeks later I would have a big loss. Hopefully it will be the same for you too and you'll soon see the weight start to drop off

Jan 13th '15 22:58 PM
Not seeing any change on the scale is pretty much why I have given up on every diet I've ever gone on. =/ I know how discouraging and frustrating it feels, but I really think if you keep at it you'll see the success you're after. I know how hard that is, though. Good luck!!
Jan 14th '15 12:46 PM
I know it's because I'm back to working out and I hit it for 5 days sold first week ... I'll have water retention too but I still want at least 1lb down, I love numbers.

I've taken my measurements to check every 4 weeks!

Beanie do you exercise?