Green Monster?

Jan 8th '15 15:00 PM
Has anyone tried this? It is basically a smoothie that is made of spinach, milk, yogurt and bananas. It is supposed to fill you up and it has enough nutrients to be considered as a meal. A lot of people are swearing by it, but I have never tried it.
Jan 8th '15 15:53 PM
Not tried it but I think I would need something to mask the taste of the spinach. Maybe vanilla rice milk instead of the dairy for me and add some mint or strong flavored herbs. Sounds like it has a lot of goodness in it though and probably cheaper than what most people pay for meal replacements. Freeze the nana or add some crushed ice. Could be a winner. Although might want to juice the spinach remove that texture from what would be a nice milkshake.
I must admit part of me wants to try your mix with with some crispy bacon and chillies blended in as well so am going to stop typing before I get carried away Have fun.
Jan 8th '15 16:13 PM

found a bacon shake recipie mmmm... good for strengthening the adrenals lol not sure about for general dieting though
Jan 8th '15 17:40 PM
The green smoothie ... meant to be very very good for you and there is many combos you could make with leafs and fruits! You don't want to use milk though ... almond milk, coconut milk, coconut water, rice milk or just water. They all have different benefits,

It is something I would like to experiment with. Could be a breakfast booster to the day.

Paul, that made me laugh! Maybe bacon isn't the best combo either as far as weight loss goes but I did read you shouldn't knock it until you try it although I'm never going to be willing to try
Jan 8th '15 19:50 PM
I have never tried it but it sounds like it would be quite nice apart from the spinach. I don't think I would like spinach in a smoothie!

lol at bacon smoothie!

Jan 8th '15 20:33 PM
I don't think you taste it but adds goodness!

I might try these when I find my blender
Jan 20th '15 16:06 PM
@PaulB! That was hilarious, although I like the idea of a bacon smoothie I have actually tried the recipe, and it's delicious. In fact, you hardly taste the spinach.