Social Slimmers 2015 Weigh-In Thread

Jan 6th '15 10:48 AM
Happy new year, everyone!

Following on from the 2014 weigh in thread, I have created this thread for 2015 weigh ins so everyone can record their progress on weigh-in days and get motivation!

Best of luck with your weight loss journey

We CAN do it

Jan 6th '15 11:19 AM
Mine went up ... then it went up some more! that update will do for now
Jan 6th '15 17:00 PM
Don't ask me how but I did manage to lose three pounds over the holidays. I guess the healthier habits I've acquired this past year must have helped, even though I did indulge in some holiday treats.

My starting weight for 2015 is 151.5 pounds. My goal weight is 120 pounds.
Jan 7th '15 19:29 PM
Well done boticelli a maintain is fab over the holidays with so many parties, offers of drinking and sooo so much to indulge in .... last year all my good habits paid off too but this year since summer life has been crazy and it didn't work out so well.

Best of luck with your goal
Jan 7th '15 23:41 PM
starting weight 163 pounds ( boo I was down to 158 at one point !!! ) but anyway as this morning I am at 163 pounds .

Target weight by April ( like to revise this every 4 months i think ) would be 155 lbs
Jan 8th '15 09:34 AM
Weighed 10st 5 (145) pre xmas. On Monday I weighed 10st 8 (148). Started ww and bought myself a fitbit
Jan 8th '15 17:59 PM
Bitch @ only 3lbs ... make that bitches for 3-5lbs lol

You'z have done good. Who doesn't want to enjoy the holidays, only happens once a year right!
Jan 8th '15 20:33 PM
need to be a skinny bitch remember in case the wedding turns into a boxing event
Jan 13th '15 10:17 AM
Wohoo...lost 2.5lb on first week during ladies week love ww xx
Jan 13th '15 10:32 AM
Yay! Well done Mamafy!