What time is your evening meal?

Jan 2nd '15 18:15 PM
I will usually have my evening meal between 7-8 o'clock. I know a lot of people are against eating after a specific time in the evening, but if I eat my dinner too early, I am usually hungry again before bedtime and end up having too large of a snack. I eat my midday meal a little later too. It is usually between 1-2 o'clock so that helps me to wait until later to eat dinner.
Jan 3rd '15 05:01 AM
We usually eat around that time, too. Eating earlier than that results in snacking, which is definitely not good for me. I tend to be hungrier at night than I am during the day, so the evening meal is usually the largest.
Jan 3rd '15 14:04 PM
I usually eat at around 5.30pm and then have a small snack before bedtime.
Jan 3rd '15 14:22 PM
It differs all of the time depending on what day it is. I work two jobs two days a week. On those days, I don't eat until at least 8pm. I usually just grab a small salad. Other days I try to serve dinner by 6pm.
Jan 3rd '15 14:25 PM
We eat too late at night. It's usually 8 or 9 when we have our evening meal then we stretch out and watch TV. Not a good habit when trying to lose weight. Must change.
Jan 4th '15 18:09 PM
I didn't take into consideration that families with children can't wait until 7-8 in the evening for dinner because that is too close to their bedtimes.

It's all going to depend on how late you stay up at night too. I'm a night owl so eating later in the evening just makes more sense for me. Plus, it happens to be my personal problem area with snacking too much if I eat dinner too early.
Jan 8th '15 14:58 PM
It depends really. Sometimes, I eat before 7 pm if I have everything prepared from the night before. Some other nights, we eat as late as 11 pm. I know it's not healthy, but sometimes it's just not possible to eat early.
Jan 8th '15 15:45 PM
We eat dinner late at night but the exact time depends on when my husband gets home from work. The earliest we eat dinner is probably 6:30 and the latest is probably about 9-10.
Jan 10th '15 13:47 PM
It's hard to say when we eat dinner because it's a different time every night. That's probably an issue in and of itself (that we don't have a hard and fast routine) but dinner can be anywhere between 6:30 p and midnight.