Snacking "go to"

Jan 2nd '15 14:29 PM
Lately I have really been getting into using multigrain crackers when it comes to snack time. I can put just about anything on them and it tastes amazing. Does anyone else have a go to snack? This seems to be one that I can never "over do it" so I have just stuck with it.
Jan 2nd '15 14:54 PM
I love oatcakes with peanut butter. They're delicious!
Jan 2nd '15 16:57 PM
My new favorite go to snack is those new pretzel thins. I have always been a huge fan of pretzels and these are the best. You can put all kinds of things on them since they are a healthier alternative to crackers. Plus, they come in a few different flavors so I never get bored of them.
Jan 2nd '15 18:03 PM
One of my favorite snacks is hummus. You can dip any kind of healthy raw veggie or be a little naughty and dip tortilla chips. I also use hummus as a spread for sandwiches rather than mayo.

Cheese with Melba toast is also a go to snack. It's low on carbs and it's satisfying. You just have to be mindful of portions because it is calorie dense.

Other favorites are cottage cheese and yogurt.
Jan 3rd '15 14:26 PM
I am so glad I found this discussion. I am always looking for new snack ideas. I eat a lot of celery with a little peanut butter. I am going to look for those crackers.
Jan 10th '15 11:14 AM
My go-to snack used to be peanut butter with apples and/or bananas, but I have a tendency to eat too much of the peanut butter so now I am looking for a new snack that I won't overdo. Maybe I'll look into crackers and hummus or something like that.