Chicken healthier than fish

Jan 2nd '15 04:19 AM
I have a friend that keeps telling me that I should only eat chicken. I told her fish is very healthy too. She said she has read every diet book ever written, chicken is what you should eat to lose weight. She is wrong, isn't she?
Jan 2nd '15 14:02 PM
I have never heard about chicken being better than fish. I think they both have benefits, and fish in particular is very healthy.
Chicken can be quite filling due to the high protein content so it can help with weight loss

Jan 2nd '15 21:12 PM
A healthy diet is based on variety so your friend is downright silly to tell you that you should only eat chicken. Fish is really good for you and has nutrients that chicken doesn't, at least not at the same levels.
Jan 3rd '15 05:03 AM
In some instances, fish is healthier than chicken, but it depends entirely upon the person. I can't stand seafood at all. I wish I had a better relationship with it, but it just doesn't agree with me.
Jan 3rd '15 14:24 PM
I am not switching my diet to only chicken, she did though. I told her she would get very bored with her diet and be more apt to stop. I have added fresh fish to my grocery list this week.
Jan 3rd '15 18:10 PM
You bring up a very good point, aboutme. A wide variety of food choices prevents boredom, which as you correctly point out, can definitely sabotage a weight loss plan.
Jan 3rd '15 20:11 PM
I agree, your friend is going to get very bored of just eating chicken. I tried this route once and I ended up cheating a lot. There are just only so many ways that you can prepare chicken before it ends up all tasting the same. I would have to say that variety is always the key to any diet. The more options you have, the happier and healthier you will be and you will lose more weight.
Jan 4th '15 15:32 PM
Have no idea about what is better. tbh I don't think it really matters. A varied diet is always good

Having said that, my house mate when I was in uni pretty much only ate chicken and he was as thin as a stick. Maybe not over do it huh!

(edit) Having thought about this: What an absurd thing to even be at odds over They are both generally accepted as healthy things to be eating
Jan 10th '15 13:49 PM
I think it depends on what you consider to be "healthy." If your idea of "healthy" is simply whichever is lower in fat, then yeah, it's probably chicken. However, the fat that's in fish is a healthy fat; it's the kind your brain needs for healthy development and function, so it's not like you should cut it out of your diet.
Mar 19th '15 05:42 AM
Wow, good info shared about fish, i think fish best for health i think your friend like to eat chicken so she do it.