A week in!

Sep 8th '14 09:26 AM
Hi guys, so I am 1 week into my diet today and this may not seem much but I am very proud as I have usually lost all motivation and have given in by now in the past. I feel so much more energized and haven't had any slip ups. I am so motivated and determined to get fit and live a healthy life style x
Sep 8th '14 11:08 AM
Well done! Every milestone is important, and that proud feeling will help to reinforce what you're doing.

People often argue over diets as if the one they do is the only right one. But everyone is different in terms of body type, lifestyle routines, food tastes etc, so it's no surprise that no single diet works for everyone.

It's great that you've found something that works for you - what is it that you're doing?
Sep 8th '14 11:17 AM
Well before I started dieting I lead such an unhealthy lifestyle, I was living off junk food going out for meals at every chance I had and my main drink was cola. So I have cut out all of the snacking and eating bad processed food and just being drinking water. Making sure I eat plenty of veg and fruit. I've also been exercising every day with either long brisk walks, bike rides and I started boot camp too
Sep 9th '14 09:21 AM
Yep, nothing more than common sense. You know instinctively what's good and bad for you, and cutting out coke will make a huge difference on it's own. Keep using fresh ingredients. You're probably already finding it's quick and easy to cook from fresh, still tasty and so much healthier.

Your cravings for junk food and fizzy drinks will pass quicker than you think, but in the meantime, since you seem to be trying to cut it all out at once, don't worry about the occasional slip. Choose one thing to really focus on and make sure you don't slip on that, but don't beat yourself up if the other things slip now and again. But if you manage it all at once, even better.

Good luck.