If you could pick one food with zero calories and carbs?

Jul 31st '14 14:17 PM
If you could pick one food item that would have zero calories and carbs, what would it be? It can't be a dish with several ingredients or a whole general category of food like meat. You have to pick one, like chicken or beef and it can't be a dish such as pizza. It can only be the dough or one of the toppings.

It's hard, isn't it?

So, if I could pick only one food to have no calories or carbs, I think it would be pasta noodles. You can add all kinds of other low calorie things to pasta and eat that every day. It's either that or bread. There are so many sandwich options if only the bread wasn't so full of carbs and calories.
Jul 31st '14 18:55 PM
That would be so good! Does regular milk chocolate count? I am addicted to it at the moment and it would just be wonderful if I could eat it with no repercussions!

Ahh if only!

Aug 1st '14 09:33 AM
Ooohhh, good question! What about something like sugar? It's only one item and yet it affects SO much! I think I would have to say that would be my choice. If not, then I choose potatoes...I love them, they just don't love me back!
Aug 1st '14 12:22 PM
Pasta ...
Aug 1st '14 13:48 PM
Yes, milk chocolate counts, but if the chocolate has anything in it, like nuts, those would have calories but the chocolate wouldn't. Good choice!

Sugar is one of those complex things because it would be too easy to try and lump in brown sugar, white granulated sugar, powdered sugar, etc. You can pick one.

Potatoes. That's a good one!

I see I am not the only pasta-holic.
Aug 3rd '14 09:00 AM
Rich tea biscuits
Aug 3rd '14 09:00 AM
Or do they have several ingredients within.....
Ok I second potatoes then
Aug 22nd '14 18:19 PM
That's an easy one for me, pizza all the way. Second choice would be cheese.

Just re-read the first post and realised these don't count, what a shame
Aug 22nd '14 18:22 PM
Yeah pasta.
Aug 23rd '14 07:07 AM
Bread, bread, bread (and that gluten didn't make me ill haha)