My workplace lunches

Jul 31st '14 03:21 AM
So this is what I have been making for lunch this past week for work. Whole wheat wraps with lean meats such as chicken, turkey, and ham. I use red or green leaf lettuce, mustard, cheddar or Munster cheese, tomato, and sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper.

I feel so much better than eating a whole sandwich with all that bread! I now have energy to keep going for work.
Jul 31st '14 06:58 AM
That sounds so good! And a great alternative to a sandwich too
Aug 1st '14 14:31 PM
That does sound good! It's important to check those labels, though, because some of those wraps have just as many calories and carbs as regular bread and sometimes they even have more!
Aug 1st '14 18:12 PM
I agree that it sounds good but I agree with Jeans. I was shocked when I read the wrap label. It wasn't as healthy as I thought. I know a lot of people that are making sandwiches on leafs of romaine lettuce.
Aug 1st '14 22:04 PM
Well, I just looked at it and the whole wheat wraps have less carbohydrates than 2 slices of bread. The wrap also has more fiber as well. So, in conclusion, it is a healthier option. Is it perfect? No, otherwise I would be eating a tree branch.
Aug 2nd '14 15:15 PM
It all depends on what brand you buy and if it's got a good fiber content. Sounds like you made a good choice with the available options out there, Avocado. I also make sure I always check out the labels and ingredient list.
Aug 9th '14 08:20 AM
Sounds like a good choice to me I have wraps over bread a lot but I've never cut out carbs and things I like