Healthy cold food ideas?

Jul 15th '14 03:41 AM
I'm on a roll with working the weight off, and I'm determined to keep it going. The weather has turned downright blistering here, though, so I'm trying to put together more cold meals.

What do you make when the weather gets too hot? We're getting sick of salads!
Jul 15th '14 11:05 AM
I do love my salads!

A cold pasta salad with wholemeal pasta and a light mayo? I add ham, red peppers, cucumber, spring onions. Could serve with some nice fresh tomatoes on side, they dont mixed well chopped into the pasta although nice together.

Sweet potatoes, cous cous and spinach.

Wild rice salad - This is lovely I haven't made it since last year actually!

I know not cold meals but light options?

Spicy fajitas.

Sweet potato chips/or white with egg spinach muffins (with or without a slice of lean bacon) - Add some cheese spinach and tomatoes if desired.

Stir frys with rice noddles.
Jul 15th '14 15:59 PM
They are fab suggestions.

What about stuffed tomatoes even if you made cooked once I bet they would be nice cooled down, now I have said that I like that idea with some cold quiche.

Devilled eggs as a snack, part lunch? I do like pasta with a tomato bolognese sauce cold, is that weird? I really can't think of much more to add that is 'cold' meal ideas but something of hot and cold is baked potato and tuna? I am interested if anyone else has any ideas