Summer Snacking

Jul 12th '14 11:06 AM
I find that it's a little easier on my diet when it's summer because I seem to have more fresh food in the house. I'm trying to focus more on snacking on things like carrots and cucumber. Even though I salt my cucumber and radishes, it seems like a better choice than chips, which is what I go for when it's cold outside. Does anyone else find this easier in the summer?
Jul 14th '14 23:49 PM
I love the nice weather because I don't feel so deprived like I can do with some of the winter eating. Hotter it is the more I enjoy a salad
Jul 15th '14 03:36 AM
Summer is when I tend to shed the most weight. I think it's partly due to the weather being too hot for heavy food. I love starches, but they don't sit well when it's close to a hundred degrees. Give me salad, please!
Jul 15th '14 16:41 PM
Cold fresh fruit and salad bits are the best in summer. I also eat much better in the summer months.
Jul 16th '14 19:34 PM
I have been finding the nicer weather a struggle. I like icecreams far too much and picnic style food which is usually the cheapest and mostly not the healthiest choices as I am on a tight budget. At the beach not so long ago I enjoyed a cone of chips and mini hot donuts, bad
Jul 16th '14 23:06 PM
I like ice cream too! I also love fresh fruit and vegetables. I love it when the garden is ready. There is nothing better than heading to the garden and grabbing a snack. I need to find a way to stop heading to the ice cream stand.
Jul 18th '14 15:16 PM
Oh i love summer for the fresh fruits and veggies (cheap;-)) i love to snack just with half of cold watermelon in summer;-)) the best food ever for me! of course ice cream is the biggest problem of summer(( i love ice cream so much! i am unstoppable, can eat almost 1 kilo at once( but i have found the way out now - i eat fruit ice cream! and make ice cream myself (fat free yog, fruits, nuts, honey etc - blend it and put into freezer, the best ice cream ever is done!!!)