What Not to Wear

Jul 11th '14 15:25 PM
Does anyone watch this?

It seems that everyone on the show that is overweight, is either lost in a sea of baggy clothes, or they wear things three sizes too small. I started paying attention to this and now I notice it as I am out and about every day.

I think the baggy clothes people are just trying to hide their weight. I am guilty of this. The too tight clothing people are probably in denial. Maybe they feel that since they are still wearing a certain size, even though the rest of the world can see it doesn't fit, that they are indeed that size.

I love the show because it makes people open their eyes and see what they really look like and teaches them to dress their body the way it looks right now, in things that fit.
Jul 12th '14 03:09 AM
The reality is, it is a tough call to make when it comes to what to wear. My mother who is a little overweight wears a lot of black, which does appear to disguise her weight, but of course you do not want to get caught wearing black all the time.
Jul 12th '14 07:48 AM
I have never heard of this show before but it does sound interesting.
It most be quite hard to know what to wear when so overweight. Before I lost my weight I was always struggling to find things to wear and hated tight things because they made me look flabby, but if I wore baggy clothes then I looked even bigger. It's a tough call. On the whole I do prefer baggier clothes whatever size I am as they are a lot comfier!

Jul 12th '14 11:04 AM
I do really like this show also because it seems to focus on HOW to dress your body type and that you shouldn't let the "clothes" make you feel badly about yourself. I remember watching one episode where they told a woman, "If you have an emotional response to something not fitting, don't attach all the other stuff to it, like personal value. Say, it just doesn't fit and move on". It sounds like it might be hard to do, but with some practise, it's possible! Great topic!
Jul 12th '14 13:16 PM
There are UK and US versions of the show and they have different hosts. It's a good show. First they tear the person down and point out just how ridiculous their clothes are. They throw everything away. Then they give them a bunch of money to go shopping in New York City but they have to follow their style rules for things that the stylists have told them will look good on their body type.

Then they give them a new hair style and make-up and it always ends in a huge success and the people feel a lot better about themselves. I am a fan of the show. Haven't watched in the last year or so though.
Jul 13th '14 23:29 PM
Sounds an interesting show! I would buy loose clothes and especially liked floaty style tops!
Jul 15th '14 16:38 PM
I am very guilty of baggy tops, I call them comfy tops!