Social Slimmers Weigh-In 24th June - 30th June 2013

Jun 24th '13 08:23 AM
+1.6lb so 2nd gain in 2 weeks. I know why
Today is the beginning xx
Jun 24th '13 14:48 PM
*hugs* Kiwi 1lb off is better than 1lb on!

My WI yesterday (a day early due to having a treat day yesterday) I lost 1lb so that's 8lb altogether. I'm pretty happy with that. Probably have a bad sort of week this week as I'm having takeaway tomorrow, food out Wednesday and going for a meal on Saturday so I don't expect a loss! Although I am going to be really good other than those meals! X
Jun 25th '13 15:05 PM
A sorry you gained Mamafy, just keep going hun.

Kelly thanks. Just disappointing when you know you've been so good! Doing it again this week just to see if it's a dud.

Well done on your loss!

Jun 27th '13 18:23 PM
5lb off for me!!!

Very pleased and wasnt expecting any more than 3! woop! x
Jun 27th '13 18:31 PM
Well done Kelly and nibbler

Mamafy I really don't think you should worry about this week *hug* x
Jun 27th '13 18:47 PM
Wahey nibbler, well done!!
Jun 27th '13 19:20 PM
Sorry btw I split this from last weeks so some comments make no sense x
Jun 27th '13 21:36 PM
Nice one nibbler!! I'm gona be at least +1 this week, but this week doesnt count!
Jun 27th '13 22:13 PM
Weeks that don't count are fab
Jun 28th '13 09:57 AM
That depends entirely on your reasons for habing a week that doesn't count I'm +1, could have been worse! This week's about damage limitation, if I want something I'm not going to stop myself, but will try and not go crazy! And then hopefully next mon I'll be back on it with avengance!