Inches or pounds?

Jun 10th '14 04:04 AM
How do you keep track of your weight loss? I have been using a scale and paying attention to the fit of my clothes but I have thought about taking measurements. Has anyone tracked their weight loss that way?
Jun 10th '14 09:45 AM
I have been using the scales to track weight lost, but I wish I had done it both ways. I'm sure that I took some measurements before I started but I can't find them anywhere, and it would be great to see how much I had lost in actual inches.

Tracking inches lost sounds like an inspiring way to do it, especially as the scales don't always show the whole picture.

Jun 10th '14 11:17 AM
I've done both.

- I started on just the scales and wished I'd taken measurements from the beginnning.
- I started the gym and took measurements, my scales were moving down slower and after a month I was glad I'd taken the measurements because I had lost inches and I realised it wasn't just about he scales.
- Now as much I would like to see a little more drop on the scales my main focus is the tape measure and shape.

Depending where you are on your journey I would take both into consideration AND take pictures front, side and back.
Jun 10th '14 22:11 PM
Good idea! I love the idea to take pictures. I think it will help me stay motivated, especially if I see myself from multiple angles. I will probably stick to the scale but add in measurements too.
Jun 11th '14 02:41 AM
both too...but still the scale is always a "reality " check for me
Jun 11th '14 09:43 AM
I took lots of pictures (still do) and it really helps!
Jun 11th '14 11:26 AM
Pictures are great! I love looking back at my before pictures as it's so motivating and rewarding
Jun 11th '14 18:34 PM
I do measurements, scales and photos. It's so inspiring seeing the changes!