Herbal weight-loss remedies

Jun 21st '13 10:48 AM

Does anyone use herbal remedies in their weight loss, as well as dieting and exercise, to boost their loss? Before pregnancy I was a fan of Slimatea you can get in Holland and Barrett as it helped with bloating I think, and poss water retention. Are there any other herbal products people use? X
Jun 21st '13 11:37 AM
i think the most commun is green tea for sure
Jun 21st '13 15:26 PM
The shop i work in sells tons of slimming products, all herbal based. It depends what your "downfall" or aim is tho. and we also sell green tea tablets which are fab if u forget to drink it.

I'm currently taking glucomannan which is suppised to go well with the 5:2 diet (only started monday) as it's a dietary fibre! I'll keep u guys posted haha

Jun 21st '13 15:52 PM
Ooo green tea tablets! That sounds better than having to drink the vile stuff! Although I can never remember to take tablets!

I remember a while back loads of people were into a slimming coffee off amazon, no idea if it worked though!
Jun 21st '13 19:52 PM
I love green tea .. Drink it so much lol
Jun 21st '13 20:35 PM
I have been drinking green tea with cranberry for ages, flavoured green tea is a lot easier to drink than the plain stuff.
Pu'er tea is meant to be good, there was deffo a craze for it a year or so ago. Anyone tried it? Think the worst tea I have ever drunk was dandelion (cant find a smilie that expresses how gross it is ) Most of the diet teas/detox teas are actually horrendous, I tend to buy them and only manage a couple before binning em
Jun 22nd '13 08:16 AM
I've only had dandelion in capsules but found it didn't really make any difference

I drink green tea instead or normal tea now, save so many calories when you drink 4 or 5 cups a day lol
Jun 22nd '13 10:05 AM
My only issue with dandelion would be that I'd worry I'd piss the bed

There's always things in the groupon/living social emails for herbal weightloss, I think the latest's something to do with raspberry ketones??
Jun 22nd '13 12:44 PM
We sell rasberry ketones, i tried them back in jan but dont.massively rate them, altho we've had good feedback from customers? I think it's simply different things work for different people.

Jun 22nd '13 13:10 PM
I think aswell that its down to each individuals diet and lifestyle, you can't stuff your face and expect them to work miracles, or starve yourself then rave on about how amazing they are