My 600 lb Life

Apr 27th '14 14:58 PM
Has anyone watched this show yet on TLC? I watched an episode last night and thought it would be so very motivating (TLC is known for their "good news" stories) and yet it was so very hard to watch. The woman in last night's episode just couldn't come to terms with her own accountability to lose weight and that eventually her habits will likely kill her (leaving her 5 year old son without a mom).

I love to cheer on people who make their lives better, who fight their demons and win. I even 'happy' cry for them, for their success. But this was horrible and I know that not everyone (hardly) succeeds, but she had so many people behind her, supporting her and she just stayed in denial. Poor thing. I'm not sure I can watch this show again...
Apr 28th '14 12:47 PM
I have not seen this on TV but find it hard watching these kind of programs generally for some reason. I think I'd get irritated at a storyline like that ...