My pants are loose!

Apr 24th '14 22:34 PM
Finally! I haven't put this pair of pants on for the last two weeks and now when I went to put them on they were loose. That is a really good feeling. I feel like I have been really struggling to lose each pound but this gives me some new motivation.

Apr 25th '14 00:39 AM
Always a good sign well done!
Apr 25th '14 00:57 AM
Congratulations, TwylaDee!

Isn't it nice to see results as something other than a number on a scale? It's a great dose of motivation and inspiration for you and also for us who read about it.
Apr 25th '14 09:08 AM
Yay!! It's such a tangible thing to be able to feel that something fits you or has gotten loose on you! I remember that feeling from when I lost my weight, it was definitely better than just a number on the scale!! Congrats!
Apr 25th '14 12:56 PM
Yay, that's great! It's always a good sign when clothes are getting looser
Apr 25th '14 14:24 PM
At first I thought that maybe the jeans were stretched out so I washed them and put them in the dryer. They were still loose. To me, that's the ultimate test. I'm not going to settle for them just being loose. I want them baggy!
Apr 25th '14 19:48 PM
Yay go you twyladee great feeling!
Apr 26th '14 20:40 PM
well done! It's such a good feeling isn't it?!