On the run... slow down or not?

Apr 23rd '14 01:29 AM
It really seems like we are on the run all the time lately. My meal planning is horrible! I don't have time to make healthy home-cooked meals as often as I would like.

I don't know if we can slow down. What can I do to make better meals when we are on the run?

We need to get back on some kind of healthy eating plan.
Apr 23rd '14 16:05 PM
What about making batch meals and freezing, defrosting through the fridge day before a busy day?

Prepare cold salads, wraps etc evening before for lunches.

These are the days I like shakes, at least once a day.
Apr 24th '14 20:24 PM
Those batch meals Wobbles mentioned save the day for me on a regular basis.

When I'm running short on time, frozen bags of vegetarian chili, tuna burgers or quinoa burgers save me from those horrid alternatives that are temptingly quick but nutritious wastelands.