I've been so good today!

Apr 8th '14 21:25 PM
I had 2 salad sandwiches today with hoummus rather than butter, they were on White bread, but never mind! I had a few biscuits with a coffee and had a stirfry for tea with grated carrot, peas, sweetcorn, peppers and onions! It was so nice! And I may have had a few dark chocolate digestives right now, but apart from that I've been really good!

And I went for a run earlier and have been on the go all day!
Apr 8th '14 23:26 PM
Do you use sauces with your stirfry? Totally curious, next week I'm wondering how I can do a stirfry with no sauces that I usually but in mini packets lol!

I miss white bread ... Don't know why but I can't remember when I last bought a white loaf!
Apr 9th '14 09:42 AM
I used a blue dragon one last night, was hoisin and garlic. Usually though I just use soy sauce. I never usually buy White bread, it really bloats me, but OHs been doing the shopping and whilst it's nice to not have to go, he's bloody useless at it
Apr 9th '14 09:49 AM
Yay for being so good and also going for a run!

Your tea sounded yummy!

I miss white bread too. Sometimes we have the half and half bread which is nice but still not as good as white bread.

Apr 9th '14 09:57 AM
It's funny how White bread feels such a treat now isn't it?! Our local bakery does the best White loaves, they're amazing, although I don't go often cos I can easily eat half a loaf straight off with a load of butter
Apr 9th '14 11:28 AM
Mmm white bread or toast with butter is so good!
Apr 9th '14 14:04 PM
STOP torture .... haha!
Apr 9th '14 14:21 PM
Even better is cheese toasties on White bread, which I may or may not have just had for lunch
Apr 9th '14 19:20 PM
Great thread. I liked the positive feelings and thoughts you've expressed about your victories. I also liked you've mentioned the word "today". It reminds me the "alcoholics anonymous" approach: the compound effect of small daily victories!