Food Detox

Mar 25th '14 15:11 PM
Has anyone every done a food detox - eliminate certain foods/drinks?

I am considering doing one to mostly cut out caffeine, dairy products, sugar, wheat and gluten for 2 weeks... of course alcohol is one

It is meant to do you wonders and a real kick start making you feel good be and look less bloated ... I have seen some pictures and impressed but how much do I believe unless I try is the question. Taking these toxins from your body is said to reduce body fat, give you better sleep and boost energy!

Anyone else taken these things from their diet? How did you get on?

Mar 25th '14 15:34 PM
I've never tried giving up all those things at the same time. I did try to remove caffeine from my diet and I have tried to cut out all foods that add sugar. I've never tried the gluten free diets yet but I have a few friends that are doing that right now.

I didn't notice much difference in my health after reducing the caffeine but I do feel better with less sugar since I found out about 2 years ago that I am diabetic. It's not too bad now, I don't need insulin or anything, but cutting out a lot of the extra sugar has really made a difference in how I feel.
Mar 25th '14 15:40 PM
The idea is up to 2 weeks, longer the better they say in the end reducing these things in your diet. I am trying to rid body fat now and this was suggested to me before going onto another shape up plan.

I drink far too much alcohol (also a no on the detox), upped my coffee and I've been reminded too much dairy is actually bad for you, so those days I do shakes (not all the time) I am having a lot of diary among other things like yoghurt and milk in coffee.

I guess with upping my coffee again I need discipline back in my diet which is why this is slightly appealing to me!
Mar 25th '14 15:40 PM
The only thing I have cut completely from my diet is caffeine. Other than that, I just try to eat as healthy as I can, while still enjoying what I eat.
Mar 25th '14 15:41 PM
It's more aimed at a boost in this case rather than long term plan. Some people do it for 3 days some go the max 2 weeks
Mar 25th '14 18:27 PM
this week i am doing a non alcohol week in combo with my 5:2 diet week
Mar 29th '14 02:12 AM
I did that lemon cleanse once