I've just discovered Stevia!

Mar 21st '14 14:28 PM
I read about this plant derived sweetener ages ago, but I have just noticed it in our local supermarket under the brand name "Truvia". It's not as sweet as chemical sweeteners, so you have to use a bit more than you'd think, and it's quite expensive, but it seems to be quite natural.
Mar 21st '14 17:46 PM
What do you think of it so far?

I have a box of it in the cabinet but I don't use it too often. Sometimes I am in the mood for sweetened tea or coffee and it works well for that.
Mar 22nd '14 12:34 PM
I have tried it, but it leaves a bad after taste for me. I didn't like it, but I know others don't mind it. It is certainly much healthier.
Mar 22nd '14 15:19 PM
Quote by TwylaDee:
What do you think of it so far?

I haven't noticed any after taste, but I have noticed that I use quite a lot in order to get the sweetness that I'm accustomed to getting with sugar. I bought this in a box of little sachets and it won't last me very long, so it's going to be too expensive to continue, I think, unless the price comes down.
Mar 22nd '14 17:55 PM
Of all the artificial sweeteners out there, Truvia/Stevia is definitely my favorite. It tastes the most natural -- the most like real sugar -- without leaving an odd aftertaste. I just wish it weren't so expensive.
Mar 23rd '14 15:04 PM
I didn't notice an aftertaste either but I like my coffee really dark so I just may not have noticed. I usually don't add sweetener except once in awhile.

Does it only come in the box with the packets? There are a couple sweeteners that you can use in baking but I am not sure which ones those are.
Mar 25th '14 18:37 PM
i am like Jessica i don't like it same always taste a after taste as well for me ...i am a splenda girl
Mar 25th '14 19:42 PM
I have never tried Stevia before. I have heard it's one of the healthiest sweeteners to use though
Mar 26th '14 02:47 AM
Stevia and I don't get along very well, unfortunately. I liked it in tea, but it upset my stomach too much. Now I stick with licorice root, which also works as a sweetener.
Mar 26th '14 18:41 PM
No, it's not my bag man. I tried it and I also had the after taste. But if it works for you then I suggest you keep using it. I'm not into artificial sweeteners of any kind. If I need a little sugar, then I use regular sugar which is way less harmful than an artificial sweetener.