What to eat after a late evening run

Mar 12th '14 18:28 PM
Exercise makes me hungry as I'm sure most but when I run with some of the ladies locally on Wednesdays it's not until 8pm so I'm home around 9pm. I'm really stuck what to have because it's late but feel the hunger quite badly.

Does anyone else run late in the evening? What do you do?

Mar 12th '14 19:21 PM
I don't run in the evening but something you could eat right after is protein and some carbs. Unless of course you are trying to stay away from carbs. I still like eating some fruit afterwards but people say it's not the best. It helps me replace minerals and a little healthy sugar.
Mar 12th '14 22:28 PM
I was thinking maybe a protein shake just hate how late it is! Hmmm
Mar 13th '14 23:12 PM
Protein shakes are a good option. When I exercise late at night, for a quick, filling snack, I blend up 2 frozen bananas and 2 splashes of low-fat milk. Yummy banana smoothie.
Mar 15th '14 04:22 AM
Protein shakes are a good option to keep your metabolism up after you run, especially as it slows of a night!

Also what about something like carrot and hummus? Something quick but very low calorie

ETA: if I get back late from the gym (8 or 9ish) then sometimes I'll have a small boiled egg and steamed veg, but to be honest mostly I find I'm not hungry after a good workout as log as I've had my tea.