Burger King 'Diet Fries'?

Mar 12th '14 00:29 AM

30% less fat but only 8 calories less than normal fries! Should these really be marketed as a healthier version? I personally think there should be advertising rules against this kinda thing
Mar 12th '14 21:46 PM
Wow... I would not consider them diet fries. I wonder how different they are in taste. Have you tried them? I am curious to know if they taste like regular fries, but I haven't seen them advertised here.
Mar 15th '14 04:27 AM
I haven't seen them either!! I guess if there's less fat in them then you could consider them diet, as potatoes are pretty high in calories anyway!!

It would still have to be strictly I'm moderation

Mar 15th '14 19:39 PM
I wouldn't really consider them a diet option. I probably wouldn't try them because if I'm going to have fast food then I will go all out rather than diet options, lol.