Social Slimmers 2014 Weigh-In Thread

Jan 5th '14 23:37 PM
Hello January and happy new year all

Let us know on weigh-in days how well you have done. If you've not had a good week don't hide away, honesty can boost motivation for the next week.

Good luck everyone
Jan 5th '14 23:41 PM
I will start

Did ok Christmas then I went to Northern Ireland for 5 nights over new year. My usual weigh-in is Fridays I only got back Saturday night so this morning I was 10st 13.2lbs #oops that was roughly 5lb gain OMG. I was bloated before I went and I started tablets that stop your period for when I was away so now that has shown her face I'm really hoping at least half of that gain is caused by the tablets... The other half might be toouxh vodka not enough water
Jan 6th '14 10:26 AM
it'll be gone in no time x

I weighed 9st 7.6 again so my 1.5lb gain is gone
Jan 6th '14 10:59 AM
I weighed in at 8.13 this morning, so lost 1lb of my Xmas gain! I'm not *really* looking to lose any more, so won't be dieting, just keeping up with the running. But I'd quite like to lose the other 2lb of Xmas gain, even though I said I wanted to put a bit on before Xmas never happy!
Jan 7th '14 17:49 PM
WOHOOOOOO for gains gone!

I was 10st 9.4lb this morning HOW???? .... Actually I don't care I could have kissed the darn scales literally I don't think those tabs helped me. YIPEEEE .... BUT will tomorrow say same hmmm!
Jan 7th '14 17:59 PM
Wooo that's fab!!

I am going to check my weight on Sunday after a week of being back on track.

Jan 7th '14 18:22 PM
I have managed to lose 1.1lb this last couple of weeks. Well done everyone else for results even if to get back a gain. I have been slow at it now I plan to try for 1lb a week, 2014 I need to stop saying it and do it!
Jan 7th '14 20:36 PM
Good luck Bev and yay well done Tinks
Jan 8th '14 08:29 AM
10st 8.8lbs I'm in disbelief how quickly it flew back off lol must have been those tablets!
Jan 8th '14 10:03 AM
Well done tinks and wobbs