When you can't get below a certain weight...

Feb 21st '14 20:23 PM
I just want to lose 5 more pounds, but I find when I get down to a certain weight, my body just won't let me lose any more. Why is this? I stick to a diet and I exercise 4-5 days a week. Why can't I lose the last 5 pounds?
Feb 22nd '14 08:58 AM
It took me a long, long time to lose my last 5ish lbs! I know how frustrating it is! For me it was a lot of patience and slightly upping what I ate, with all the exercise, sometimes you do need to eat a little more to start losing again. It sounds properly crazy, but it worked for me! I'm trying to lose another 5lb now and I'm expecting it to take a while it's always harder when you've not got a lot to lose!
Feb 22nd '14 21:12 PM
Thank you. I will try that. I have heard that if you exercise a lot you are supposed to be eating more, as well as getting more protein in your diet.
Feb 23rd '14 03:53 AM
i had hit a plateau that last for 3 weeks driving me nuts specially when yu spend all this energy on exercising too..so took did a little bit less exercice those past 2 weeks and did the 5:2 diet ( where you eat no more then 500 to 600 cals for 2 days during the week ) and i just lost 5 pounds
Feb 23rd '14 10:57 AM
Just a thought, but are you taking measurements as well as weighing yourself? It could be that with you doing all the exercise, your shape's changing, but the scales aren't moving! Muscle's denser than fat, so you could be replacing fat with muscle, but it's not showing on the scales. I've found the tape measure far more encouraging at times as my weight loss has all but stopped, but the tape moves quite a bit! Before and after pics work really well too!
Feb 23rd '14 12:22 PM
A lot of people tend to hit a plateau when they're not too far from their goal weight. It can be frustrating If you are still dieting and exercising then you may be losing inches rather than weight

Feb 23rd '14 13:38 PM
I've had a number of times that I've hit a plateau now, and I've overcome them by increasing to maintenance calories for a few days, and then dipping down back to weight loss.

Don't forget also that as you lose weight your calorie requirements drop. You need to drop the amount that you eat accordingly.
Feb 23rd '14 15:22 PM
I have never been a big fan of judging based on the scales alone. I rely on the way my clothes fit and what the measuring tape says more. I would just try changing up your exercise routine or your diet. Maybe your body has just adjusted itself to the routine and you aren't burning as many calories because it isn't as difficult anymore.