Dealing with constipation

Feb 19th '14 03:33 AM
Every time I go on a diet, I always deal with constipation. I am never able to go without laxatives. Is anyone else like this? Is there anything I could be doing that doesn't include taking laxatives?

I already drink a lot of water. I try to do tummy massages to help with the constipation, but they don't really help.
Feb 19th '14 08:39 AM
It sounds like you aren't getting enough fiber when you diet. I'm guessing maybe you focus on cutting carbs down but instead of focusing on net carbs, you focus on total carbs, which also cuts your fiber intake way down. Try getting your fiber up to at least 25 grams a day and then see if you still have issues with constipation.
Feb 19th '14 09:21 AM
I sometimes get this at the beginning of the diet. I guess it is the radical change in eating. Try to eat some more fiber like fruit, veg and wholegrains
Feb 19th '14 16:40 PM
Thank you. Yeah, I definitely don't get enough fiber in my diet. I was mixing fiber powder into water every day and drinking that, but when I ran out, I never got anymore. I definitely will pick up some more the next time I go to the store though. It's much needed. (:
Feb 19th '14 18:52 PM
I sometimes have the same problem if I eat less than I normally do from day to day. So, I try to eat the same amount of food every single day.
Feb 19th '14 19:55 PM
I would definitely suggest eating more fiber. Instead of adding a fiber supplement, eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. That way, you are actually getting something other than fiber for your trouble.
Feb 20th '14 00:34 AM
I deal with this too. Healthy food makes me constipated. People tell me that all the salads should make me go. They don't! The only time a green salad makes me go to the bathroom is when the lettuce isn't properly washed. My go-to when I'm constipated is a Coke and a Hershey bar.
Feb 20th '14 09:50 AM
Adding a salad to my evening meal helps me with this. I realize that it doesn't work for everyone though. I hope that you find some relief fast, as this is a horrible issue to deal with.
Feb 20th '14 11:09 AM
Lots of green leafy veg will help! I suffered really badly at first when I went veggie, I was so bloated! From reading up on it, what happens is your "normal" food digests quite slowly, particularly if you're eating a lot of meat - it can take weeks to fully digest apparently So when you then start eating more healthily, easily digestible foods, you get a bit of a back up. The higher quantities of veg are digesting quickly, but can't get past the meat/stodgy food, which can make you bloated and constipated!

Green leafy veg will help and beans/pulses cos they're full of fibre! It just might take your body a while to get used to the change in diet - I know it always takes mine a while!
Feb 20th '14 14:35 PM
A lot of times, too, people cut out too much of the healthy fats from their diet. I'd also recommend adding some avocado, olive oil, or coconut oil to your diet. You don't need too much, but it does help keep things moving.