Main reason for going on a diet?

Feb 5th '14 01:14 AM
Everyone has their main reason for going on and sticking to a diet. The main reason for me was for my health. It is unhealthy to eat fattening and unhealthy foods all the time, and I was starting to feel the effects of what I was doing. The other big reason for me was my appearance. I wanted to feel good about the way I look.
Feb 5th '14 08:18 AM
When I first started it was for my appearance and how I felt in myself, as I looked so big. Now I'm slimmer it is more for health these days
Feb 5th '14 09:50 AM
I chose to, to reduce the strain on my heart. I developed atrial fibrillation and was suffering badly with the symptoms. After it landed me as an inpatient in hospital, I decided to make changes.
Feb 5th '14 14:07 PM
If I'm to be completely honest, I started dieting initially because I was really unhappy with the way I looked. Now it's more about health because several immediate family members have developed diabetes. I'm scared that if I don't get my weight down soon, I'll end up diabetic, too.
Feb 5th '14 16:28 PM
I too started trying to lose weight for the way I looked. The way I felt wasn't that great either but appearance is important. I wonder how many people started to diet purely because of their appearance.
Feb 6th '14 09:34 AM
If you start it purely because of appearance, does it make it any less of an achievement? Or any less healthy when you reach the goal of being a healthy weight? Be proud of what you've done!
Feb 6th '14 21:31 PM
I started feeling unhealthy, struggling to get up in the mornings and get through the days. I went through a spell of depression and the weight I gained was shocking... one day I just decided enough was enough. I love how I changed with the weight loss.
Feb 6th '14 21:57 PM
For me there are so many "reasons" to look and feel better, to be able to run around with the kids, to make sure I don't end up overweight like my mum and gran. My gran has diabetes and has just undergone a triple heart bypass with serious complications developing after. I don't want to be that person in 40 years.

But more than anything at the turn of the year, it just felt 'right' there is no real overriding reason why I started this other than that. I've since booked a holiday and thats certainly a motivator now though!!