I just made the most horrible meal ever

Feb 5th '14 00:13 AM
I bought some tofu last time I was at the store and I had some bags of frozen veggies and some quinoa. I planned to throw together some kind of stir fry. The tufu was sort of gelatinous and had no flavor. The frozen veggies tasted freezer burned and the quinoa was... well, it was quinoa and I don't like it.

I figured everything tastes good with soy sauce so I splashed some on and suffered through it. I hate wasting food. But.... yuck!
Feb 5th '14 02:18 AM
Haha, well at least you know now. I experiment with making different meals too sometimes, and I don't always like the outcome, but sometimes I become pleasantly surprised when an experiment turns out to be delicious. (:
Feb 5th '14 09:17 AM
Sorry you didn't like it. It's always a let down when a meal doesn't turn out as expected. At least you know now and you can experiment with different things for meals
Feb 5th '14 10:52 AM
I've tried to cook decent tofu a number of times, and have even ordered it in a restaurant. Even they couldn't make it taste nice, so I gave up and relegated it to the never buying again list!
Feb 5th '14 15:05 PM
My cousin loves tofu but I just can't do it. On the plus side, at least you tried something new! The last few new recipes I tried were flops too, ha.
Feb 5th '14 18:48 PM
I've had some really good tofu meals before and even prepared a few of them but this time is was a huge failure. Yuck. I had a sweet and sour tofu dish at a Chinese restaurant awhile back that was so delicious you would swear it was not tofu. The problem is, I think it was breaded and fried, which negates all the low calorie healthfulness about it.
Feb 6th '14 00:03 AM
Part of the problem with cooking tofu is that it comes out of the package very wet. Microwaving it before cooking can help firm it up so it doesn't fall apart as easily, but it can still be tricky to cook.
Feb 6th '14 10:35 AM
You can also buy more firm varieties of tofu. I had a friend who was vegan, and who swore by it. But even when he cooked it, I didn't like it. I guess I'm just too much of a carnivore.
Feb 7th '14 01:08 AM
I have never been a huge fan of tofu myself, but it is in some of the soups I like from the Chinese restaurants. I would never try to cook it myself though, because I would have no idea where to even begin.
Feb 9th '14 02:17 AM
I refuse to eat tofu! Your meal sounds horrible. I really hate it when I buy frozen veggies and they end up tasting like they have been in the freezer for years! I don't think I have ever made anything so nasty sounding.