What do you have on cheat days?

Jan 27th '14 21:13 PM
I am curious what people have on their cheat days.

My cheat days have existed of wine and a takeaway this month and if being extra naughty like I did on the weekend it would be chocolate or a nice fresh cake, it was chocolate this time but I was tempted by both, I will this Friday
Jan 27th '14 22:38 PM
I have whatever I have been craving all week long on my cheat days. It is rarely ever the exact same thing. I had some brownies and dinner out at a local restaurant last weekend.
Jan 27th '14 23:26 PM
I will either have a meal out without worrying although I don't go out often or some cheeky drinks at home with whatever goodies I fancy on the night, cheat days are Friday or Saturday depending how I feel
Jan 28th '14 03:51 AM
I have different things on different cheat days, all depending on what I am craving. Most of the time it is something sweet, like brownies, peanut butter bars, cookies, or cake. Other times I crave salty foods and have salt and vinegar potato chips. On rare occasions, I'll want a drink and have a couple of shots of tequila.
Jan 28th '14 03:52 AM
On my cheat days, I usually have sweets or chips. I go all out. I don't have cheat days often, but when I do, I really cheat.
Jan 28th '14 15:27 PM
I'm going to allow myself 1 cheat day a week where I can eat more or less what I want. It will most likely be a Friday or Saturday night when we get our takeaway x
Jan 28th '14 19:39 PM
Mine is always some drinks on the weekend and some treat food depending what I fancy... Could be a takeaway or sensible dinner with some goodies (crisps etc). If I'm out then I just let loose and go with the flow now. x
Jan 30th '14 13:10 PM
my cheat was eating rice more and more because doctor told me dont eat rice, it is not good for your health... even i have it...........
Jan 30th '14 17:26 PM
I don't ever really plan for cheat days unless it's a holiday. Usually they just happen on those days where you get really hungry, and once you overdo, you figure you may as well make it a cheat day.
Jan 31st '14 09:53 AM
Lots of alcohol and a takeaway