Jan 20th '14 16:49 PM
Has anyone heard of TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)? I heard the name before, but not much else. My cousin started up with them and was talking to me about it on the phone last night. I checked into it to find out more.

TOPS is an international non-profit, non-commercial, weight loss organization. They have weekly meetings and seem to be a lot like Weight Watchers but less expensive. I see they have a place where they meet that is only a few blocks away. I like that they are a non-profit.


I kept trying to edit the title to be all in capitals but it keeps correcting it back to small letters.
Jan 22nd '14 20:46 PM
I have never heard of this before but it looks like it could be quite a motivational tool in weight loss though. Can't believe how much weight they lost!