Do you try to space your meals out evenly or do you just eat randomly?

Jan 15th '14 22:35 PM
It is a mix for me. I have a schedule written out for the times I'd like to eat my meals, but I don't always stick to it. I get busy doing other things, so can't always stick to the schedule exactly.

What about you? Do you eat by a schedule or do you just eat your meals at random times?
Jan 15th '14 22:38 PM
Schedule doesn't always work in my house either we eat with the kids or I'll have it close to ready by their bedtime (6pm), most times! We used to eat really later 8-9 sometimes so I stopped the eating so late.

On weekends definitely eat with the kids between 4-5 for dinner!
Jan 15th '14 22:51 PM
I eat breakfast round 8, lunch is 12.30 and dinner is around 6 most days!
Jan 15th '14 22:57 PM
I eat my meals when I am hungry. Sometimes I will eat dinner at 6:00 pm and other evenings it will be at 8:00 pm. Same thing with breakfast. One day I may eat in the morning and then the next I may wait and then eat a combined breakfast/lunch around 11:00 am. I do try to space everything out so that there are several hours between meals or snacks.
Jan 16th '14 02:51 AM
I used to try and eat by a schedule but found that sometimes it meant I'd have to eat when I wasn't really hungry and other times I'd be starving and want to gorge by the time the next meal came around. Now I just listen to my body and eat when I'm hungry. It usually works out to be about four times a day.
Jan 16th '14 10:45 AM
I just eat when I'm hungry, if I'm hungry I'll have breakfast around 10, lunch is usually between 12 and 1 and dinner between 5 and 6, but that can be up to 9pm depending on what I'm doing etc!
Jan 18th '14 14:45 PM
I try to space them out. I have breakfast at around 9, lunch at 1 and dinner at around 6.30
Jan 18th '14 22:41 PM
I just graze through the day it seems to work for me