Gave MFP a quick once over and discovered something new!

Jan 15th '14 00:59 AM
I am doing Weight Watchers until about the middle of February (or maybe it's closer to the beginning, I can't remember...) and decided not to renew once the membership is up. I've liked it okay, but it's not been much different than MyFitnessPal, which is FREE! I decided to log back into my old MFP account just to see what's up and discovered that they have incorporated "recent research findings" into their website and as a result, updated their nutritional guidelines. The first thing I noticed immediately was that sugar limits have gone up, as well as protein.

Jan 15th '14 14:37 PM
I have only ever used MyFitnessPal, so I couldn't compare. I wonder why the sugar and protein limits have increased since the last time you logged in.
Jan 17th '14 16:34 PM
The nutritional guidelines seem to always be updated on sites like this. I think some of it has to do with the way people record things. I know I took a long time figuring out what I needed, but if they are pulling information from all members and their diaries I could see where the random changes come from.
Jan 18th '14 14:39 PM
I have never seen the recent research findings part before but it sounds interesting though.