Have you ever tried going on the "raw diet" for weight loss?

Jan 8th '14 21:30 PM
I tried it before, but the thing is, vegetables and fruits alone just don't fill me up. I missed cooked foods. I think it lasted about two weeks.
Jan 8th '14 21:38 PM
I love my cooked food too much especially in this weather. How long did you last on the raw diet before?
Jan 8th '14 21:38 PM
I've never tried that before, but I can see how it would leave you unsatisfied. The issue I can see with it right off the bat is that, for me at least, I don't like raw veggies! I can eat fruit raw but veggies I want cooked.
Jan 8th '14 22:17 PM
Oh I couldn't cope and I'd imagine there is a down side when you come off and try to eat other foods (regain the weight)... how did you get on with it previously? x
Jan 9th '14 09:50 AM
I've considered it in the past, but for health benefits rather than weight loss. You can have cooked things, but as long as they're not heated over a certain temperature (I think it's about 60c). The health benefits are meant to be amazing as you're eating things in their pure form and getting the most nutrients out of them as you can! People who have done it in the past have told me that your body does acclimatise to it and you actually end up eating less than you normally would and are satisfied because your body realises that it's getting plenty of nutrients and they're easier to digest!
Jan 9th '14 11:05 AM
I would imagine most go back to normal eating though! I don't love food but I like my food, it would be torture
Jan 9th '14 12:01 PM
I tried it for the health benefits a few years ago rather than the weight loss but I really struggled. It felt like I wasn't eating anything of much substance.
Jan 9th '14 12:42 PM
I think it'd be the lack of comfort food that would do me in! I can't imagine bot having chips etc!
Jan 9th '14 13:12 PM
I had a friend that used to love raw brussel sprouts I don't mind raw carrots and salad but think my limit would be a couple of days
Jan 9th '14 16:05 PM
You'd not last a day lol!