Do you struggle drinking water?

Jan 8th '14 21:25 PM
Does anyone else here struggle drinking water? I have always been a juice person. This week so far I have managed a litre from the 2 recommended a day.
Jan 8th '14 21:27 PM
It is a struggle, but I force myself to do it. Buying a water filter helped a lot, because I was drinking water straight from the tap for a while. It didn't taste too great, but with a water filter, it tastes pretty good.

You can also buy those low calorie flavor packets and mix them in with your water to make it easier.
Jan 8th '14 21:39 PM
I have never seen the flavours? Are you in the UK?
Jan 8th '14 21:42 PM
I've always struggled with it, I really don't like the flavour! I've been adding cordial to it and drinking loads that way, but if you're in the US that's a useless suggestion cos it doesn't exist there
Jan 8th '14 21:47 PM
Not just water but I've recently been struggling to drink enough liquid, period. Need to get it sorted not just for my diet but getting headaches when dehydrated.

I used to drink more coffee/tea than water, but not even keeping up with that now :/
Jan 8th '14 22:26 PM
I drink about half as much water as what they say you should. Working out everyday definitely helps because that's all I want when I'm working out. The rest of the time, though... it's the last thing I want!!
Jan 8th '14 22:30 PM
I know cambridge diet have a water flavouring but can't imagine you can buy it unless you are joined.

I just found this:

Why is everything available in the US Some on Amazon for around 5 for UK members.

OOOOoooo just found this:
If you search 'crystal light' more flavours come up!

I also struggle and have really failed at water the last couple of month although I know it works and I swear my skin improved, not quite the case right now.
Jan 9th '14 10:17 AM
I've discovered strangely that the problems with my teeth were partly due to dehydration! They've been feeling really loose for the past couple of months which started because of sinus problems, but google kept telling me it could be dehydration, particularly as I'm running outside! Something to do with breathing through your mouth whilst running! I've dramatically upped my liquid intake this week and fingers crossed, the last 2 days my teeth have been loads better! I get a really dry mouth when running and my saliva goes really thick and weird, so I'm definitely going to keep up with the water - explains the banging headaches too!
Jan 9th '14 12:06 PM
I struggle a bit but have been doing much better lately. I fill a pint glass with water and just keep taking sips until it's empty.
Jan 9th '14 14:13 PM
Think I need to go buy some litre bottles that helps me keep on top of things even if I do 1 litre it's better than 0! All I've had this morning is coffee!