Told to stop

Jan 5th '14 23:48 PM
Well I'm at a stop dieting when I pull back my gain. I went away and my friend told me it was enough now that's face was starting to look a bit sunken some older members know this was my fear... I have a long pale face and once upon a time I hated it and wanted more weight (how that changed lol) so that's my STOP right there.

I have to say I was a little gutted so tum you need to be gone with some good cardio please... Looks liked official size 10 target will be a slow process but I shouldn't complaint, my target was originally 12 and I'm there!

Has anyone else been told to stop?
Jan 6th '14 00:29 AM
I remember the same thing happening to me years ago when I was taking diet pills. I lost a lot of weight very quickly and in just a few months, my face started to take on that sunken-in look, too. People got worried and eventually my mom staged a "mini intervention" where she took the diet pills away. I'm glad she took them before I overdid it but it's a shame I wound up putting all the weight back on!!
Jan 6th '14 01:12 AM
It's took me a year and the last 6 months my weight loss slowed but no diet pills I just have a stupid long pale face like my father I always looked ill some weight around my face was good but I put on too much lol
Jan 6th '14 10:08 AM
I was told by my cousins a stone ago to stop :/ I guage it more on hubby and kids and mum so if they say stop I will. I'm only dropping a few more lbs though and my bmi will be bang in the middle of normal. The mist annoying thing for me is losing clothes I loved
Jan 6th '14 10:28 AM
By the way you look blooming fantastic
Jan 6th '14 10:48 AM
My mum and sister have been telling me to stop for a while! Although I've just seen a pic of my mum before I was born and was like bloody hell look at your shoulders and collar bones and she fessed up that she was a stone lighter than what I am now!

I think you'll find you tone quite quickly with the running, I'm already noticing a difference in my tummy! Just a shame we're going to ttc after the race and I'll lose it
Jan 6th '14 15:04 PM
I was told to stop too but at the very same time I had pneumonia and no one knew (not even three doctors I had visited). Once the health picked back up I was fine and no one complained.
Jan 7th '14 01:16 AM
I've not been told to stop yet, but people say that to my mom all the time. It really gets on her nerves too! If you think about it, though, it's just as rude as someone telling you that you've become too fat! I say do what is best for you and let the haters hate.
Jan 7th '14 17:44 PM
I think she meant it well because TBH she had NO idea about my concerns over my face being hollow cheeked, I said from day one it would be my stop because I know how my face goes so if I can get down to 10 just by getting rid of some fat through good cardio then I am happy.

I'm glad it was pointed out to be fair but all this gave me a challenge last year I feel I've lost something to motivate me... if that at all makes sense, so now what?
Jan 7th '14 18:23 PM
You will know if she is right? What do other people think?