New Year's Eve Damage

Jan 1st '14 16:00 PM
I don't even want to think about how much damage I probably did to my diet last night! We had my hubby's family over to celebrate and I nibbled on chips, dip, and finger foods all night long, plus the champagne.
Jan 1st '14 17:06 PM
I'm sure I overate (and over drank) too, Chunky, so don't feel bad. It's really hard to get from about Thanksgiving all the way through the new year festivities without falling off the bandwagon at some point. Have you at least been working out?
Jan 1st '14 17:51 PM
The food wasn't too bad for me, it was the jaegerbombs that will have piled on the pounds my OHs been in bed all day I got chips from the takeaway on the way home, but don't think I ate very many! Tbh it'll be tonights food that'll be bad, I'm still feeling a little delicate and just need something greasy and stodgy!
Jan 1st '14 17:53 PM
I need a halo as I had chicken and veg
Jan 2nd '14 01:40 AM
I didn't eat much at all. I actually only ate two meals yesterday because I woke up late and wasn't very hungry. I had a green smoothie for lunch and vegetable soup for dinner.

Everybody goes off track once in a while, especially around the holidays.
Jan 2nd '14 09:40 AM
I ate too much over the whole of Christmas!
Jan 2nd '14 13:54 PM
I will be honest and say it was the chicken wing dip that did me in. I couldn't stop eating it. Then again I was so sick yesterday and I know it was the same reason - the chicken wing dip. I'm sure most of what I ate, came out!
Jan 2nd '14 14:38 PM
I have over drank and ate when away ... Oh well lol!
Jan 2nd '14 16:22 PM
We had some finger foods too while we watched movies until the last hour of the year, then we switched over to watching the ball drop. After that it was a doosey as the adults broke out the heavy stuff.
Jan 2nd '14 16:49 PM
I had some alcohol too, as well as some snack foods, including a truly decadent chocolate cream pie. I need to throw out the rest of that pie.