Diet Roll Call

Dec 27th '13 17:00 PM
I thought since a new year will be starting soon that we should all chime in and say what worked, or didn't work, for us in 2013.

I tried following Atkins at first but it was way too difficult (and expensive). I lost a few pounds and put them back on. I tried following Weight Watcher points but that got a little tedious and confusing. Now, I just try to eat as sensibly as I can, watch calories and fat, and try to fill up more with vegetables. I cut back on flour filled carbs like bread and pasta and watch for hidden sugar in my food. In the last four months I have lost 9 pounds. That is not a lot but I feel I am headed the right direction.
Dec 27th '13 17:35 PM
I'll tell you what really works for me. I stopped counting all those calories and stuff because again, it's tedious! I have enough tedious tings to do.

If you simply cut some bread, pastas, and sugars out of your diet, you will definitely lose weight. Those are the main culprits outside of any allergies to wheat or anything.
Dec 28th '13 00:05 AM
This year's been a weird one for me, cos whilst I spent most of it trying to lose, I actually did a fair bit more maintaining than losing! The main one for me though is that I finally learned that the "D" word is like a really bad swear word for me! At the mere mention of diets, my brain goes into overdrive and wants to eat everything in sight I've finally switched to a little of what a fancy, it works well for me, I'm not feeling deprived of anything and I know when to stop now! And making sure I move more helps too!
Dec 28th '13 15:31 PM
It's been an up and down year for me but the one thing I've been steady with is cutting out sugar. I check labels for everything. I've cut out most sweets except for the occasional holiday or birthday party. I've drank very little alcohol and no regular soft drinks, only diet. My main problem is affording a proper grocery store visit rather than buying the cheap pasta and rice that stretches a meal.
Dec 28th '13 18:00 PM
I did so well at the beginning of the year. What worked for me was low calories and eating at set times. I really was quite strict with myself. I did kettle bell workouts too. I really want to get back to how well I was doing with my diet!
Dec 29th '13 19:08 PM
I've done slimming world and calorie counting both worked fine for me with exercise. I am going to carry on now with watching what I eat and not over indulging on junk and watching my carb intake!
Jan 1st '14 12:04 PM
Last year I done sw...ww and atkins!

Lost the most with atkins. 2014 sees me with little to lose. I don't want to lose anymore than 7lbs max. But I'm pretty happy with where I'm at
Jan 1st '14 13:08 PM
I tried calorie counting and it kinda worked for a while but nearer the end of the year I totally failed. It wasn't the methods fault, was totally mine. My will power went out of the window

Think this year I will either carry on with CC or try slimming world