Drinking Water

Jun 10th '13 22:57 PM
How do you all get on with drinking enough water? Im actually really bad and only tend to drink water when i'm going to bed or when I'm at the gym, so I'd love some tips on how to increase my water intake
Jun 10th '13 23:04 PM
I'm the same, especially when at work. I've started refilling a 2 litre bottle just before going home from work (sticking it in the fridge overnight) and taking it out in the morning to keep on my desk. At least with a bottle you can keep tabs on how much you manage
Jun 10th '13 23:21 PM
Pint glass floating around in morning ...

Pint after lunch

Pint after dinner (which I forgot today)

Pint before bed

Extra at gym ... On cardio days I fill my large bottle 4 times!
Jun 10th '13 23:50 PM
Im awful at drinking any fluids. I can go a whole day and realise I've not had a drink til teatime. Really need to start drinking more water.
Jun 11th '13 08:59 AM
Yeah the bottle idea is a good one! At least then it's.almost a challenge to drink the lot in one.day.

Wobbs, is that something you had to get in the habit of? Im the same as you, I go thru so much water in the gym, I just guzzle the stuff! But then i just sweat it back out haha!.

I really find I hold onto water tho, especially if I've been standing all day in work so I do need to drink more.
Jun 11th '13 17:23 PM
I'm hit and miss, some days ill have 4 pints, others 1
Jun 11th '13 17:40 PM
I tend to have 2L on normal days, and 3L on exercise days. I manage it about 80% of the time. Obviously good for flushing out your system but helps to keep hunger down so less nibbling.

The water bottle idea is good x
Jun 12th '13 21:18 PM
I fill my litre bottle up with my breakfast and it goes everywhere with me, I have 2-3 litres a day.
Jun 12th '13 21:38 PM
Not done so well on water today apart from the gym... On second glass now!
Jun 12th '13 21:40 PM
In dreadful at drinking water. I need to fill a jug and keep drinking every so often. Less diet coke lol