Peanut Butter Substitutes

Dec 20th '13 08:17 AM
Do you guys know of any peanut butter substitutes that are healthier than regular peanut butter but also taste good? I've tried the PB2 stuff that you reconstitute with water but it's icky... Is there anything else out there?
Dec 20th '13 10:44 AM
Stalking this thread for ideas. I have a peanut butter addiction!
Dec 20th '13 12:35 PM
I wouldn't bother substituting tbh, peanut butter's actually really good for you and full of good fats! Just try and have a wholenut one that doesn't have a load of stuff added to it!
Dec 20th '13 15:33 PM
You can't substitute peanut butter mmmmm I wouldn't even try lol everything in moderation I say for things like this
Dec 21st '13 00:46 AM
I don't know if I'd go so far as to say that peanut butter is "good for you," because it's very high in calories. On Weight Watchers, just 2 tablespoons of it has 5 points. Add that to just a single serving of fruit and all of a sudden, your 0 points snack is a meal! I wish I knew of a good substitute; I would definitely pass it on!
Dec 21st '13 05:14 AM
Have you ever tried other kinds of nut butters? Almond butter is insanely delicious. My father in law introduced me to it, and I've never gone back.
Dec 21st '13 20:30 PM
I buy the organic peanut butter that doesn't have any added sugar. It's the kind where you have to stir it because all the oil separates out of the peanut butter. When I first open the jar, I drain out a lot of that oil. It makes it harder to spread and a little drier, but I like it with celery and I stir a little into my oatmeal.
Dec 22nd '13 16:52 PM
I'll have to try some of the other butters and the organic peanut butter that you're talking about, LaNadia. Draining the oil out would also make it less fattening! Thanks for the ideas.