Don't Eat Your Depression!

Dec 17th '13 17:14 PM
I just wanted to say this holiday season, don't let your depression (if you have any) rule your world. I used to eat my depression in the form of chips, cookies, and cakes. I don't want anyone else feeling down for the holidays to stay down.

If you're feeling like this, then talk to somebody, get outside and go walking, or go down to the coffee shop. The holidays can be tough for some of us who have lost a loved one or a friend so I wanted to reach out and let you know, it gets better!
Dec 17th '13 18:23 PM
Thank you for writing this post. What a lovely thought! I agree that it is always better to go and speak to someone rather than eat your depression away
Dec 17th '13 20:11 PM
Awesome post for sure! I am guilty of eating when I'm depressed. I'm also guilty of eating when I'm overly tired or bored. I know this though so I made changes to my day-to-day routine. I get up and walk all the time. Heck I even walk outside at work and we have a lot of snow.
Dec 18th '13 13:45 PM
I'm very guilty of eating negative feelings. I often think if it weren't for emotional eating, I wouldn't have much of a weight issue in the first place. Thanks for the suggestions.
Dec 18th '13 14:17 PM

What a lovely post. Negative eating is what I am hoping to avoid!