Hot drinks that would be diet friendly

Dec 15th '13 02:42 AM
I love to drink hot drinks in the wintertime - hot chocolate, cappuccino, coffee, etc., etc. - but most of them are loaded with sugar and as a result, are NOT Weight Watchers (or diet) friendly. What do you guys reach for when you want something hot that won't ruin your diet?
Dec 15th '13 08:30 AM
I quite like the little sachets of low calorie hot chocolates you get, I think they're called options? Tbh though, bar coffee I don't drink a lot of hot drinks so I've never counted them when I've had them!

If going out for coffee, you could switch to small drinks and hold the cream/marshmallows on hot chocolate x
Dec 15th '13 12:23 PM
Skinny Cow hot chocolate is delicious!!
Dec 15th '13 13:28 PM
One that I really like is apple cider. You can find little envelopes of sugar free apple cider in the section with the instant hot chocolate. Not sure about points value per envelope since I haven't had any since I started doing Weight Watchers, but I doubt it would be much because they only have 10 calories a piece.
Dec 17th '13 22:27 PM
The fudge hot choc at 40 calories is my fav!
Dec 18th '13 02:49 AM
I go for chai teas! There are many ways to prepare chai. Almond milk is one of my favorites. If you have a steamer at home, nothing beats a chai foam cap!
Dec 19th '13 08:38 AM
Lemon tea sweetened with honey.It is tasty and healthy !
Dec 19th '13 11:46 AM
I'm just having a cup of green tea with lemon slices at the moment