Diet presents

Dec 13th '13 17:00 PM
My mom and sister say they will join Weight Watchers or a gym with me after the new year. We haven't decided exactly which we want to do. Maybe we'll even do both.

I got them a couple presents for Christmas to remind them. I bought them each a cute tape measure and a bathroom scale. I also bought them each a calorie count book and a notebook to keep track of things.

I don't think I would dare buy anyone else gifts like these. They might be insulted.
Dec 17th '13 18:30 PM
Haha, no I don't think you would get away with giving those presents to anyone else
I think they are really thoughtful and useful presents though that will hopefully keep them motivated

Dec 17th '13 20:09 PM
That is great! I do understand what you mean about insulting people though. You have to be careful who you buy "dieting" gifts for. I wish you all a lot of luck! I think it will be easier because there are three of you doing it together. You can keep each other on track.