Quick and easy dinner ideas

Dec 2nd '13 01:20 AM
We've been doing a lot of work on our house lately and it's made it very hard to get into the kitchen and really cook. What are some quick and easy dinner ideas that wouldn't wreak havoc on my daily points allowance? (I'm thinking microwave friendly if possible.)
Dec 2nd '13 07:50 AM
My favourite quick and easy one is pasta with sauce made from a chopped onion, tin of tomatoes and some mixed herbs! I used to add a tin of tuna to it which sounds weird, but was surprisingly nice!
Dec 2nd '13 18:14 PM
Are you only stuck with the microwave or can you use the oven as well? The oven might be a better choice. We went through a huge remodel about a year ago and at one point being stuck with a microwave meant we ate out more but thankfully that lasted for only a short time.
Dec 2nd '13 21:28 PM
Scrambled egg for lunch

Dinner wise in the microwave I'm stuck ... I can only think of weight watcher meals. Do you not own a slow cooker? It's a good investment if you can get one, you can cool chicken potatoes casseroles soups x