Naughty corner!

Nov 3rd '13 11:30 AM
I'm in it

Friday... mango vodka, full fat lemo, smokey pretzels and crisps!
Saturday... Couple of vodkas, burger at the school and steak cooked with olive oil
Today... Croissants with cheese and bacon and later chicken stew but with crusty bread

Anyone else in the naughty corner?
Nov 3rd '13 14:07 PM
Make room in the corner for me. Last night I had THREE slices of pizza. It was loaded with pepperoni, sausage, and cheese. A delightfully greasy mess. I'll just consider that my splurge night and get back on the diet wagon.
Nov 3rd '13 16:04 PM
I'm in it, I think total calories weren't actually that bad, bit they were made up mainly of alcohol

Yesterday: bowl of soup, few small onion and cheese tarts, bag of crisps, 2 cocktails, fizzy wine, vodka redbull, large glass of red, 2 glasses of champagne no wonder I was so poorly this morning
Nov 3rd '13 21:21 PM
@ wonder indeed!

No naughty corner for me...5 out of 8 of us got food poisoning friday evening after eating dodgy meat ...the other 3 that didnt eat it were fine :/ so I was in a corner (loo) but not a naughty one!
Nov 4th '13 16:19 PM
I paid for it this morning! I forgot I had chips with 2 wholemeal wraps on Saturday and then last night half a raspberry turnover Oh well
Nov 4th '13 18:55 PM
Mondays don't count on the scales
Nov 6th '13 19:03 PM
I think I'm permanently in the naughty corner lately from the amount I'm eating at the minute!
Nov 7th '13 19:11 PM
I am always in the naughty corner. Saying you will lose the weight is easier said isn't it? I love these smilies!